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If you are in search of a asphalt company in Auburn, WA, Giant Construction is the service provider you can trust for all your custom asphalt paving needs. Our Auburn asphalt company is a family owned enterprise offering services including paving of pathways and driveways using asphalt as the binder. Having an asphalt pavement installed in your property can enhance its curb appeal, and thereby its inherent value.

By hiring our Auburn asphalt company for the job, we can get the pavement install done as soon as possible without breaking your bank. We have built a strong reputation for ourselves as a Auburn asphalt company through our superior workmanship. If you want to hire the services offered by our company, feel free to give us a call anytime!

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Auburn Asphalt Paving


While carrying out an Auburn asphalt paving, job we assess the condition of the underlying soil to ensure longevity and stability of the asphalt pavement. Our company can offer Auburn asphalt paving installs of driveways, pathways and parking lots that can withstand heavy loads without failing or cracking over a considerable amount of time.

Most service providers who handle Auburn asphalt paving jobs do not have the expertise or experience like our company. And if you hire an amateur for the job it might cause more harm in the long run. Our Auburn asphalt paving specialists are here to help you with all your individual needs irrespective of the scale or nature of the project.

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  • Residential asphalt paving
  • Asphalt contractors
  • Asphalt crack repair

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Auburn Asphalt Companies


Are you a property owner looking for one of the most dependable Auburn asphalt companies in the area? Then feel free to depend on the service offered by our specialists for paving pathways, driveways as well as parking lots in your property. Being one of the top rated Auburn asphalt companies, you can rely on us for affordable paving solutions that can enhance the utility of the land in your property.

As one among the top rated Auburn asphalt companies offering pavement installs, we work on both residential as well as commercial spaces. With our specialist on the job paving driveways that suits your property becomes a fast and easy process. By hiring our firm which has been consistently rated as one of the top Auburn asphalt companies, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will take care of the whole asphalt pavement installation.

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