Kirkland Cedar Shake Roof Restoration


Do you feel that your cedar roof has lost its luster? Then the best way to revive it and improve its life span is with the help of our cedar shake roof restoration service available in Kirkland, WA. Our company, Giant Construction, has some of the most experienced contractors that you can find in the Kirkland region.

Whether you have a multi-level Kirkland cedar roof or a decorative one, you can always count on us for seamless Kirkland cedar shake roof restoration. If you have any questions, we suggest you schedule a consultation with our roofers. Besides Kirkland cedar shake roof restoration for your property, we are also available for services like:

  • Cedar roof replacement
  • Decorative cedar roof cleaning
  • Cedar shake treatment
  • Cedar roof installation

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Kirkland Roof Restoration


Our cedar or wood shake Kirkland roof restoration services can also be a great choice to avoid issues like mold, algae, and fungi growth. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire our team for cedar shake Kirkland roof restoration for your property

We start the Kirkland roof restoration process by first inspecting the surface. Only then do we come up with the correct restoration method for your cedar roof. The aim is to stop the deterioration of your roofing system. Our Kirkland roof restoration team is skilled to work on roofing systems made with various materials. For example, we can offer:

  • Metal roof restoration
  • Composition roof restoration
  • Tile roof restoration
  • EPDM roof restoration

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Kirkland Cedar Roof


When you hire us for a Kirkland cedar shake roof restoration, you do not have to worry about dealing with an unprofessional contractor. We will send certified roofers to your location and make sure your Kirkland project is finished on time

Also, the material used by our Kirkland cedar roof restoration team will also be the best and most durable. So, if you are thinking about a roof restoration for your Kirkland property, consider us. Here are a few examples of Kirkland cedar roof systems we can help restore for you:

  • Imitation cedar shingles
  • Pre-primed cedar shingles
  • Composite cedar shingles
  • Western red cedar shingles

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